Welcome to my website! I am Diego Calderón, PhD student in Astrophysics at Instituto de Astrofísica (IA) of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC) since 2015.

Currently, I am working on my PhD thesis entitled “The role of interacting stellar winds feeding Sgr A*”. This work is under the supervision of
Prof. Jorge Cuadra who leads the Planets, accretion, and Galactic Centre astrophysics (PLAGA) group at IA-PUC. Part of my thesis work is being carried out at the Max-Planck-Institute for extraterrestrial physics (MPE) in Garching. In this institution, my co-advisor is Prof. Dr. Andreas Burkert who leads the Physics of galactic nuclei group at MPE.

The main goal of my research is to understand the accretion of the cold gas (T~ 10,000K) onto the central super-massive black hole of our Galaxy. This component would be formed through hydrodynamical instabilities in stellar wind collisions. The cold gas might provide the bulk of the accretion, be the responsible of its variability episodes, and/or explain the presence of the enigmatic G2-like objects.

Pasted Graphic 4
Bunch of araucarias in a cloudy summer day near Icalma, Chile.