Main research topics:
  • Colliding stellar winds
  • Gas dynamics in the Galactic Centre
  • Numerical hydrodynamics

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  • 2015 - present: PhD student in Astrophysics at IA-PUC
  • 2018 : Visiting student at MPE in Garching
  • 2015 : Master in Astrophysics at IA-PUC
  • 2012 : Bachelor in Astronomy at Universidad de Concepción

Refereed publications:
  • The Galactic Centre source G2 was unlikely born in any of the known massive binaries, Calderón D., Cuadra J., Schartmann M., Burkert A., Plewa P., Eisenhauer F., Habibi M., 2018, MNRAS, 478, 3494 (link)

  • Searching for molecular outflows in hyper-luminous infrared galaxies, Calderón D., Bauer F. E., Veilleux S., Graciá-Carpio J., Sturm E., Lira P., Schulze S., Kim S., 2016, MNRAS, 460, 3052 (link)

  • Clump formation through colliding stellar winds in the Galactic Centre, Calderón D., Ballone A., Cuadra J., Schartmann M., Burkert A., Gillessen S., 2016, MNRAS, 455, 4388 (link)