Stellar Populations in Low Surface Brightness Galaxies


This project started in 1999. The goal is to investigate the stellar populations in low surface brightness galaxies, comparing results with normal ``high surface brightness'' galaxies. The sample includes 110 galaxies from the Impey et al. (1996) catalogue. The study includes B, R, J and Ks high S/N imaging and optical spectroscopy using large aperture telescopes, necessaries because of the very low surface brightness fainter than 22.0 mag/arcsec**2 in B band. First results appeared in the ASP proceeding Vol. 221, p. 195: "Near IR-Imaging of LSB Galaxies: the High and Low HI Content Cases". Published results:
  • Astronomical Journal September 2002 issue, vol 124, pag 1360.
  • Astronomical Journal, April 2006 issue, vol. 131, pag. 2035.
  • Astrophysical Journal Letters, April 2008 issue, vol. 677, pag. L13.

    LSB galaxies discovered in the RCS catalogue

  • rcs_lsb_0001
  • rcs_lsb_0002
  • rcs_lsb_0003
  • rcs_lsb_0004
  • rcs_lsb_0005
  • rcs_lsb_0006

    Table with HSB galaxies for PANIC proposal CNTAC2008B

    SDSS images of pairs with LSB galaxies to be observed with Magellan 2009B

    SDSS images of pairs with HSB galaxies to be observed with Magellan 2009B