My research interests are focused on the spectroscopic study of binary stars. In the past years, during my undergraduate and master studies, I have been doing mainly two things:

  • Orbital and physical parameters of eclipsing binary stars:
    During my undergraduate studies I used spectroscopic measurements from CORALIE and PUCHEROS of the eclipsing binary system V1200 Centaury. This work was done in collaboration with Dr. Kris Helminiak and Dr. Leonardo Vanzi.


On the figure above you can see the radial velocity measurements we obtained. Circles correspond to data obtained with PUCHEROS spectrograph, at Católica's observatory; while triangles are from CORALIE spectrograph at La Silla.

  • Halo wide binary stars:
    Since I started my master studies, I have been working in collaboration with Dr. Julio Chanamé at Católica studying wide binary star systems that belong to our galactic halo.


On the figure above we have a reduced proper motion (RPM) diagram of SDSS stars. This distribution allows us to discriminate between halo and disk population; within the two solid black lines you can find all the stars we select as halo members. The black circles correspond to the wide binaries candidates we select using separation and proper motion criteria. From these candidates then we measure radial velocities to confirm if the system is a genuine related binary.