Numerical Hydrodynamics Group 

We study different astrophysical systems, from planets to super-massive black holes, using hydrodynamical simulations and other tools.

Jorge Cuadra
Assistant Professor
Gas and stellar dynamics in galactic nuclei
Proto-planetary discs

Virginie Faramaz
Postdoctoral Researcher
Debris discs and exoplanet systems

Xian Chen
Postdoctoral Researcher
Massive black hole binaries and the Galactic centre

Felipe Garrido
PhD Student
Formation of discs around a massive black hole binary

Diego Calderón
PhD Student
Clump formation in shocked stellar winds

Camilo Fontecilla
MSc Student
1-D models of circumbinary discs

Matías Gárate
MSc Student
Hydrodynamical simulations of proto-planetary discs

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National Collaborations:

We are part of the "Millenium ALMA Discs (MAD)" nucleus, that focuses on discs and planet formation (funding: Millennium Science Initiative, Chilean Ministry of Economy: Nucleus RC130007).

We are also part of the "Embiggen" collaboration, that studies the role of mergers on the growth of both black holes and galaxies (funding: CONICYT-Chile Anillo ACT1101).

International Collaborations:

We have strong collaborations, including frequent visits in both directions, with members of

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