Welcome to my personal webpage! My name (as you may guess) is Néstor, and I'm currently a PhD student at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

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My research is currently focused on the following topics (for details, see my CV):

  • Exoplanets. Lightcurve characterization, model selection and likelihood modelling in Transmission Spectroscopy and Transit Photometry for the Arizona-CfA-Catolica Exoplanet Spectroscopy Survey (ACCESS). Radial velocities and follow up studies for the HAT-SOUTH project.

  • Variable Stars. Classification of Variable Stars for the VVV Survey. Feature extraction of variable stars, lightcurve modelling, periodogram analysis and Classification Methods.

  • Echelle Spectroscopy. Data analysis and reduction of the PUCHEROS Spectrograph, located at the Santa Martina UC Observatory.


Carter & Winn (2009) Wavelet Implementation for Python (using PyMC).
[Download the code | Check the tutorial (and learn to use the code!)].

Talks & Material

  • Exoplanetas (Spanish). A 45 min. talk for the general public about exoplanets, ranging from detection methods to characterization techniques.

Educational Projects

I was also head of the Itinerant Physics Project, an educational project (in which I still work) which aims to share real science in chilean schools.

The project currently has four main sub-projects: the "Itinerant Fairs", which are basically science fairs that go to the schools, the "Itinerant Bag", which is a bag that is given to the schools which contains scientific experiments, the "Itinerant Physics Schools", which are periodic schools to teachers in physics experimentation and, last but not least, the "Bling Bling Universe" project, an educational project which aims to let students do real research in astronomy (for more information about this last sub-project, read this interview [in english] which explains in detail what we really do).

Blogs and Columns

Appart from doing research, I also like to write about different subjects and for different people. My blogs are:

  • Random Astronomy. [english] This is a blog in which I share thoughts and ideas on Probability and Statistics applied to Physics and Astronomy.

  • Astropytheando. [spanish] This is a blog in which I share all the programing tricks I learn in Python/C.
I was also a columnist for the Telescopios Chile company until August, 2012, where I wrote several columns (in spanish) for non-experts in Astronomy and Astrophysics. You can check my columns by clicking here.