The package contains the following files. See the help page for further information.
The main code. Calls upon the IRAF tasks throughout the reduction process. Each of the following files is called automatically by PyGMOS when required.
Used to align the spectra by wavelength, starting at 4000Å. This task is optional and should only be used for visualization purposes. Written by Heather Andrews, who is now at Leiden.
Useful in the interactive mode. Used to compare the obtained wavelengths with catalogued wavelengths.
Catalog of lines of the CuAr lamp used in most GMOS observations.
Used to identify each fits file with the corrresponding object.
Cosmic-ray removal task written by P. van Dokkum (Official page; reference)
A file with the most used parameters for the IRAF tasks used by PyGMOS. This file should be "dumped" and modified to fit the dataset being reduced.
An extended version of pygmos.params.
A directory with images of the CuAr spectrum.

Summary of PyGMOS workings: PyGMOS executes all the necessary tasks to go from a set of raw observations and calibration files to a set of extracted scientific spectra. For this, it wraps all the IRAF/GMOS tasks distributed by the Gemini Observatory. It also includes the Lagrangian Cosmic-Ray Rejection task LACos written by P. van Dokkum, used with permission.

PyGMOS is distributed from this page to be freely used, modified and distributed with the appropriate acknowledgements.
Please keep me updated if you do so by writing to me.

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