Marcelo D. Mora


Welcome to my site. I am a postdoctoral research working at the Instituto de Astrofíca at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and at the Chilean National Gemini Office.

My research is to look at the history of individual galaxies; an effort to understand what were the star forming events that led to the currently observed stellar populations. Galaxies keep memory of such events in their stellar population, recorded in the properties of the stars, I.e. ages and chemical composition. Unfortunately, due to the distance of the galaxies, it is difficult to observe individual stars, however a known property of the stars can be used: They are born together in ensembles called star clusters. Star clusters are present in almost all galaxies and can be detected at distances where stars cannot be seen. Thus my research relies on star clusters properties as witness of the stellar populations.



"Papilla Estelar" Remedios Varo