BlackCAT A Catalog of Stellar-Mass Black Holes in X-ray Binaries


This is the online version of BlackCAT. If you have used it in any published work, please acknowledge it with the following citation:

Refereed paper in A&A DOI
ADS: Corral-Santana et al. 2016, A&A, 587, A61 (ADS-BibTeX)
arXiv: 1510.08869


We want to keep BlackCAT constantly updated. We would appreciate receiving any new information, in published or preprint form, which would help us keep the list up to date. If you have comments, suggestions or published data that we may have missed, please send us an email.


This research acknowledges support to CONICYT through the FONDECYT Postdoctoral Fellowship 3140310.
This page was developed thanks to the help of Jorge A. Perez Prieto from the IAC.
It has made use of NASA's Astrophysics Data System (ADS) and the SIMBAD database operated at CDS (Strasbourg, France).
It also makes use of image data obtained from the ING and LCOGT archives which are maintained as part of the CASU Astronomical Data Centre at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge. Based on data obtained from the ESO Science Archive Facility under request number jcorral-160882 and the GTC PublicArchive at CAB (INTA-CSIC)
Last modified: 27 August 2021.