BlackCAT A Catalog of Stellar-Mass Black Holes in X-ray Binaries

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ID# 32

XTE J1118+480


( Fender2001b )

RA     [J2000]     DEC

[]          []

11:18:10.79  +48:02:12.42

ℓ                      b

[deg]                            [deg]

157.6611620  +62.32056579

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Default image: DSS2 Red
XTE J1118+480 in Simbad

Pan-STARRS1 finding chart

PS1 Finding chart PS1 Finding chart

Finding charts orientation: North up, East left

Finding chart
Finding chart
Finding chart

This research makes use of image data obtained from the ING and LCOGT archives which are maintained as part of the CASU Astronomical Data Centre at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge.
Based on data obtained from the ESO Science Archive Facility under request number jcorral-160882 and the GTC PublicArchive at CAB (INTA-CSIC)
Please acknowledge the use of this catalogue in any published work you derive from it.

Last modified: 27 August 2021.