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ID# 16

GRS 1124-684

N Mus 1991 = GU Mus

( dellaValle1991a )

RA     [J2000]     DEC

[]          []

11:26:26.65  -68:40:32.83

ℓ                      b

[deg]                            [deg]

295.3006588  -07.07263349

Year of discovery: 1991  
( Lund1991 Makino1991 )

# of outbursts after discovery:

Basic data

Distance [kpc] 4.95+0.69-0.65 Wu2016
Distance to the plane (z) [kpc] -0.73±0.04 Wu2016
Orbital period (Porb) [h] 10.38252±2E-05 GonzalezHernandez2017
Peak X-ray flux [erg s-1 cm-2]
Outburst magnitude (AB) V∼13.5 dellaValle1991a
Quiescent magnitude (AB) i'=19.92±0.04 King1996a Shahbaz1997 Shahbaz2010
E(B-V) [mag] 0.3 dellaValle1991a

Dynamically confirmed BH


GRS 1124-684 (N Mus91): A period derivative has been measured ( GonzalezHernandesz2017 ).
Gandhi2019 obtained a distance of 2.71+3.82-1.38 kpc from Gaia DR2.

Dynamical parameters

Orbital period [h] 10.38252±2E-05 GonzalezHernandez2017
Star's spectral type K3 – 5V Orosz1996 Casares1997
Star's radial velocity amplitude (K2) [km/s] 407±3 Orosz1996 Wu2015
Mass function 'f(M1)' [M] 3.02±0.06 Orosz1996 Wu2015
BH mass (M1) [M] 11.0+2.1-1.4 Wu2016
Mass ratio (q=M2/M1) 0.079±0.007 Wu2015
Inclination angle (i) [deg] 43.2+2.1-2.7 Wu2016
Rot. broadening (v sini) [km/s] 85±3 Wu2015

Optical/NIR magnitudes

Mag. Outburst (AB)
Mag. Quiescent (AB)
King1996a Shahbaz1997 Shahbaz2010
u'=21.5±0.4 g'=20.65±0.05
J=19.05±0.02 H∼18.39 K (not AB)=17.08±0.01
Aladin finding chart
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Default image: DSS2 Red
GRS 1124-684 in Simbad

Finding charts

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Finding chart

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