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ID# 64

MAXI J1631-479

( Russell2019e )

RA     [J2000]     DEC

[]          []

16:31:14.22  -47:48:23.44

ℓ                      b

[deg]                            [deg]

336.2881394  +00.31248069

Year of discovery: 2018  
( Kobayashi2018 )

# of outbursts after discovery:

Basic data

Distance [kpc]
Distance to the plane (z) [kpc]
Orbital period (Porb) [h]
Peak X-ray flux [erg s-1 cm-2]
Outburst magnitude (AB)
Quiescent magnitude (AB)
E(B-V) [mag] 4.2 – 7.2 Miyasaka2018 Eijnden2019
Spectral type


MAXI J1631-479: Shin2019 reported a possible counterpart (VPHASDR2 J163114.1-474822.7) with i’=18.3. However it showed no optical variability compared to their observations (R ~ 19.1 and I ~ 18.0).
Later, Kong2019 detected another target 1.4” from the radio position with r’=19.36 ± 0.06 (calibrated against APASS) and R=18.13 ± 0.03 in DSS images from 1992.
The possible counterpart seems to be an interloper unrelated to the X-ray transient

Optical/NIR magnitudes

Mag. Outburst (AB)
Mag. Quiescent (AB)
Aladin finding chart
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Default image: DSS2 Red
MAXI J1631-479 in Simbad

Finding chart

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